Critical Issues Facing the 10th Congressional District Are Being Ignored While Josh Harder and Nancy Pelosi Hold Up Congress

TRACY, CA–While Democrat Josh Harder joined Nancy Pelosi and her impeachment circus last week, critical issues directly affecting the 10th Congressional District were being ignored. For example, the USMCA trade agreement is awaiting approval. This agreement could have a significant, beneficial impact for Central Valley farmers. Today, Congressional candidate Bob Elliott slammed Josh Harder for supporting impeachment hearings to the detriment of Valley issues.

“The impeachment process has completely held up any actions in Congress, even though there is an election less than 11 months away where the voters will get to choose who they want as their next president,” said Elliott. “While Harder is joining the political circus in Washington, critical issues such as the USMCA are stalled. This conduct is unacceptable from our district representative and demonstrates why we need change. The longer this goes on, the more drastic the effect will be on our district.”

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